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Wart Treatments

At our Camden foot clinic, Reform Podiatry we see an extensive range of foot problems, from a diverse group of patients. Your Macarthur foot doctor is well versed in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of foot lesions among many other everyday foot complaints. A common lesion – often seen in, but not exclusive to children are plantar warts.

Plantar warts are viral, uncomfortable lesions commonly misdiagnosed. These can cause great frustration and discomfort among our patient group. Your highly skilled podiatrist often hears horror stories about stubborn warts which have been frozen off by your GP multiple times with no improvement. This is often an anxious experience for both the child and the parents. Here at Reform Podiatry Camden, we stock a large range of pharmaceutical grade treatment options that are proven to resolve these lesions quicker than traditional methods. 

If you want an assessment to have treatment options further discussed, book an appointment with your friendly podiatrist today.