Foot Orthotic Camden

Custom Orthotics 

A popular, often essential form of treatment in our clinic would be the prescription of  custom foot orthotics. Your sports podiatrist is an expert in the prescription of orthotics for conditions such as: 

3D Foot Scan Orthotics

A custom foot orthotic is a functional, corrective innersole fitted to foot wear to adjust, control or support a foot often with pathology or visual concern. 

A 3D scan is taken and a customised script is filled for the patient’s specific needs. Once fitted, patients often report a considerate improvement to symptoms. 


Are Custom Orthotics the right form of treatment for me?

Only a qualified health professional can truthfully answer this question – However if they the best practice for your presenting complaint, your podiatrist in Camden will be sure to let you know. 

If you want to read into deeper detail the science behind an Orthotic – have a read of this blog post

How do you make a Custom Orthotic? 

A rigid, systematic process is followed to ensure we have an excellent understanding of your biomechanics to treat your presenting complaint.  A biomechanical assessment at Reform Podiatry Camden will analyse your lower limb anatomy, pathology, kinesiology and gait to determine the best kind of orthotic for you. Once we can relate these  quantifiable, measurable components back to you, what you do and what shoes you wear a 3D foot scan, data and script is sent to a world class lab, to hand-make your custom orthotic. This is the exact same process Kieren has followed throughout his career on many elite athletes including players in the NRL. 

How do you know the Orthotic is working?

Once the orthotic has arrived from the lab, the orthotic is fitted to your footwear. Approximately 6-12 weeks after the fitting of the device, you will return for a review appointment. In this appointment, the above findings are reassessed to ensure you are improving. You will be micromanaged until all parties are happy with your progress. Your Macarthur foot doctor will micromanage you to symptom resolution.

What types of Orthotics exist?

Given all orthotics are customised to suit your individual needs, the device is made for you. That means the orthotic could be made to fit a soccer boot, a runner, a woman’s court shoe among many more examples. 

These can be:

  • Sports Orthotics
  • Carbon Fibre Orthotics
  • ¾ length Orthotics
  • Full length orthotics
  • Slim fit orthotics
  • Childrens orthotics
  • Gait plates

Why are Orthotics so expensive?

A custom orthotic is handmade from a number of specialised materials for your foot type, concern or pathology. Here at Reform Podiatry Camden, we pride ourselves on being cheaper than many other Podiatry clinics. We have a Hicaps machine, so we can claim your private health insurance on site, and even offer alternative payment methods like Afterpay. 

If you have any other questions about an Orthotic before you want to book in an appointment, call us up and our dedicated staff will happily answer them for you.