Diabetic Service

How important is diabetic care?

280 Australians develop diabetes a day (Diabetes Australia). The symptoms and changes associated with diabetes are often invisible – meaning a diagnosis isn’t always straight forward if you don’t have routine health checks. Delayed diagnosis can ultimately cause permanent changes to the body before treatment can commence. As a result, your quality of life and life expectancy can be impacted. Through multidisciplinary treatment,  Podiatrists have been involved in the early detection and diagnosis of diabetes.  

What can a Podiatrist do?

Your expert foot doctor in Camden will determine your diabetic risk through a comprehensive screening and history taking process. Often the extreme complications associated with poor blood glucose control life changing,  which is why your podiatrist urges all diabetic patients to regularly have your foot checked.  A neurovascular diabetic screening will assess arterial and venous circulation, nerve supply as well as a full screening for overall foot health. Through this, in combination with your GP or Endocrinologist we will work out your best plan and time frame for diabetic foot care. 

All suitable medical professionals will be kept up to date with your progress, with the regular distribution of medical reports. 


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