Children's Podiatry

What is Children’s Podiatry?

Does your child complain about foot or leg pain? Do you think your child is developing an ingrown toenail? Are you worried your child may develop the same bunion you have? The sooner you have your child assessed and treated, the more likely they are to receive a positive outcome. 

What can a Podiatrist do?

Our podiatrist at Reform Podiatry Camden has extensive clinical expertise in assessing, diagnosing and treating children effectively. He specialises in identifying lower limb developmental concerns whether they be symptomatic or asymptomatic and providing a clear treatment plan to maximise your Childs health outcomes. When should you see a paediatric podiatrist? What is the importance of having your child’s foot assessed? 

Your Macarthur foot doctor will perform a thorough clinical assessment on your child to determine the most suitable form of treatment – if ant, for your kids. Sometimes reassurance that everything is good and within normal limits is what some parents need to hear.

When deemed absolutely necessary, your paediatric podiatrist will take a 3D scan of your Childs foot, to make a custom foot orthotic.  

The three main objectives for orthotic prescription are to support the foot, to align the lower limb and improve foot function whether that be for day-to-day activities or elite performance. These three objectives can often only be achieved through an orthotic made specifically for your foot and lower limb. 

Conditions commonly identified and treated in our Camden clinic include:

We understand here at Reform Podiatry, Camden that kids can sometimes be uncomfortable or nervous in a medical consult. We promise to take the time required, and have the patience to make the experience a happy one. Book a consult today. 

Commonly asked questions our Camden Podiatrist is asked include:

  • Why is my child slow to walk?
  • Why does my child fall over?
  • Why does my child walk on their toes?
  • Why is my child’s foot flat?