Why You Needed Sports Podiatry Yesterday

Why you need  ‘Sports Podiatry’

Here at Reform Podiatry Camden, we are passionate about keeping our recreational to elite athletes fit, functional and pain free. Thats why we specialise in Sports Podiatry. We are aware of the challenges our athletes face on the sporting field are significant enough, without having the burden of a painful body. The highest amount of all injuries seen in sports – either acute or chronic, occur in the lower limb. Many injuries are in fact avoidable and the consequence of poor biomechanics. These problems can be due to tight muscles, restrictive joints or even foot type.  Can we predict injuries based on biomechanics? Yes.

The foot is the foundation structure for the entire body. It gives us the power to stand, walk and sprint down a sporting field. A poorly functioning lower limb does provide an elevated risk of injury to our athletes. As a ‘Sports Podiatrist’, we understand what normal and abnormal lower limb function should be for our patients, both generally and sport specific.

Your Sydney Podiatrist is continually increasing his professional development with the most recent literature and evidence related to sports podiatry. Information is rapidly changing in the sports medicine landscape; therefore, it is absolutely essential your clinician is modern and continually updating their professional development.

Here at Reform Podiatry Camden, the focus of treatment is the athlete themselves. Treatment is proactive and goal focused, reducing the risk of avoidable injuries. Don’t train hard, but cut corners with your clinicians. Book a consult with your Sydney sports podiatrist today. 


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