What Does Your Shoe Wear Mean?

Wear patterns on your shoes?


What do they mean?

The average life expectancy of your joggers varies between 800 – 1000 km’s. This translates to 6-12 months for the average person. The way your shoe has worn towards the end of it’s life can help guide you to select the right running shoe for you. The podiatrist at Reform Podiatry Camden uses the wear pattern on your shoes as a diagnostic cue.

When a shoe has begun to wear, they will compress and soften in different areas. Over time, a poorly worn shoe can cause different injuries. Listed below are different areas of wear, and what it may mean for your feet:

Normal wear

  • Normal wear of a shoe would generally include tread wear towards the outside of the heel and tread wear underneath the first or second toe. That is because a ‘normal’ gait pattern involves lateral heel strike and propulsion (toe off) over the first toe.

Over pronation wear

  • The upper of the shoe will look like it has collapsed in
  • Shoe wear at the heel will have greater amounts of tread wear from the outside towards the inside
  • Reform Podiatry Camden suggests a stability shoe such as an Asics Gel Keyano

Supinator wear

  • The outside tread of the shoe from heel to toe would be more worn than the inside
  • The upper of the shoe will be tilted towards the inside
  • Reform Podiatry Camden suggests a neutral runner such as an Asics Gel Nimbus

Uneven wear from shoes to shoe

  • This can mean you have a functional or structural leg length difference.
  • Uneven wear from shoe to shoe can also indicate a muscular imbalance
  • Reform Podiatry Camden suggests a comprehensive biomechanical assessment to determine whether there are any functional or structural issues.

Wearing at the upper of the shoe – above the big toe

  • A poor fitting shoe with inadequate depth and length
  • Muscular imbalance of the big toe – if the extensor tendon is stronger than the flexor tendon it can pull the toe upwards causing a hole to form.
  • Reform Podiatry Camden suggests getting your footwear fitted correctly. A rocker shoe such as a Hoka Clifton Edge

Local to Camden, the expert shoe fitters at Shoe Talk are excellent at fitting difficult to fit feet. 

For all other foot related needs, book ab appointment at Reform Podiatry Camden.  



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