Tips for your first appointment at Reform Podiatry Camden

At Reform Podiatry Camden, we love meeting new patients. From experience, a lot of
patients don’t know what to expect or how to prepare for an initial podiatry consult.
Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips to make this process a lot easier.

1. Make an appointment at Reform Podiatry Camden

You can make an appointment with our friendly podiatrist either over the phone, or via our
online booking system. Over the phone we will ask you if the problem is regarding skin and
nails or whether its for pain or a foot position concern. This is to ensure we allocate the
correct amount of time for the appointment. A general podiatry appointment has 20-30
minutes allocated, and involves treatment to nails or skin concerns. A biomechanical
assessment ranges from 40-60 minutes and will assess your lower limb function, muscles,
gait etc. We don’t like to rush our patients, and want you to feel like you have an
opportunity to explain your complaint – therefore it is important that our staff book you in
for the correct amount of time.

2. Bring a list of your symptoms to Reform Podiatry Camden

Make a physical or mental note about why you have booked in an appointment, as your
expert podiatrist will ask you a series of questions regarding your reason for visit to best
diagnose and treat you.
Some common questions are:

– How long have you had the pain?
– When did the pain start?
– What makes pain better? What makes pain worse?
– How would you describe the pain?

3. Bring a list of your medication or allergies

This is an easy one, but a very important one. We suggest you prepare for the appointment
by writing these down, just in case you miss something. People often ask “why is this
important, I’m only here for my feet?”. Clinically your diagnosis and treatment plan can
almost definitely be influenced by your overall health, medication or known allergies.
Certain drugs can have effects on tendon or muscular pain. Others can cause ingrown
toenails. It is best to let your podiatrist know, as he knows what is applicable to your
presenting problem and what isn’t.

4. Bring in the relevant stuff to Reform Podiatry Camden

If you have had recent scans or referrals, we definitely want to see these. This can save us a
lot of time, as we don’t want to send you for the same scans or tests you have already have.

If you are coming in with foot or leg pain, come in with your sport shoes and work shoes.
These are often important diagnostic tools and can aid in the accurate diagnosis and
treatment of you.
If you are an anxious person, and think you might be overruled by the experience. Bring in a
support person, we have plenty of room in the treatment space to accommodate for extra

5. Wear comfortable clothes

Depending on the reason for your initial visit, you may be asked to perform certain dynamic
movements, or your podiatrist will have to perform specific tests. We often need a clear
view of the lower limb, so shorts or pants that can be rolled up work best. If you wear
dresses or skirts, wear some bike shorts underneath if you like to make yourself
If you are coming straight from work and don’t have time to change. Don’t worry, your
professional podiatrist will make sure you are very comfortable throughout.

Have any other questions?

If you have any questions not covered. The Podiatrist at Reform Podiatry Camden we will be more them happy to answer them for you. Listed here are the different services available.


Don’t wait, book an appointment now.

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