The importance of stability


Multiple times per week when assessing a patient for an injury at Reform Podiatry Camden I hear “I have bad balance”. Typically, I will ask them to balance on one leg to see what their hip, ankle and foot stability is like. Regularly, the injury which brings them to the clinic is a consequence of poor balance. When we run, we are essentially balancing on our legs for rapid amounts of time repetitively (Single leg stance).



When we run, we spend time on one foot (single leg stance) for a fraction of a second before pushing off and landing on the other foot. To increase dynamic stability (moving), we need to develop static stability (still).


To run well, we need to balance well. Running with unbalanced levers is difficult and effects the power we can generate. A good analogy to consider – do you feel faster running on soft sand or hard concrete? The obvious answer is concrete, and it is true.  If you have a stable body in a single leg stance, you will be able to generate more power with less risk of injury.


Your Camden Foot Doctor suggests incorporating the above exercise into your daily routine. Aim for 30 seconds per side. For more injury advice or stability concerns, call Reform Podiatry for help.



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