Running Myths Debunked

Running Myths Debunked
At Reform Podiatry Camden we hear myths daily regarding all things running.


Running Myths 1

Runners don’t need strength training

Strength training makes you faster. The sports podiatrist at Reform Podiatry Camden frequently prescribes strength and conditioning based exercises. Millet found the addition of heavy weight training to the endurance training of triathletes was associated with significant increase in running performance and an improvement of running economy. This was due to an improvement in lower-limb stiffness regulation, as a result of the concurrent strength and endurance training (source)

This means Strength training makes you run faster whilst being more economical.

Running Myths 2

Cushioned shoes will prevent an injury

Shoes do not prevent injury. The risk of injury always exists with an activity as strenuous as running.  A softer shoe may suit your biomechanics better, but a softer shoe is not the “silver bullet” in running injury prevention. You should choose a shoe based on your biomechanics, load and goals – not based on its cushioning.

Running Myths 3

You need to run every day

You do not need to run every day to get better. Over training can impact your sleep, your appetite and your immune system. This ultimately impacts your running performance and can make you more susceptible to overuse injuries. Ineffective recovery is the catalyst for many problems. Your Camden Podiatrist suggests following a running specific training program that allows for strength training, long slow runs and shorter faster run.


Do you have any runners myths you want busted?


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