Product Focus: The Fasciitis Fighter


The Fasciitis Fighter


Do you have heel pain? Have you been looking for heel pain exercises? Or home remedies for heel pain? Then we, at Reform Podiatry Camden have the perfect product for you.


The Fasciitis Fighter is a tool prescribed to help reduce the pain experienced in the heel.


Research has shown that a high load strength based program may resolve heel pain quicker (Source). Furthermore, a simple progressive strength based protocol performed every second day resulted in significant pain improvements at 3 months (Source).


The Plantar Fascia is a difficult piece of the body to isolate to exercise. The only way to load the Plantar Fascia is to stick the big toe up (dorsiflex) as seen below


  1. Set up in a position where you can use something to balance on – like a wall or a rail
  2. With one foot, place your toes on the rounded section of the Fasciitis Fighter – with your fore foot and heel flat on the ground. 
  3. Do a standing heel/calf raise with the one foot. If this is too difficult initially, you can place your other foot on the ground and do a double leg raise – however you only need the one foot on the device. 
  4. Start with your heel on the ground and slowly rise up for 3secs, hold 2secs and slowly lower down 3secs, allowing your heel to lightly touch the ground. 

Overall, the staff at Reform Podiatry Camden are a big fan of this product, as it enables patients to exercise and load their facia up correctly. When combined with other treatment, patients have had rapid heel pain improvement. You can purchase these in the clinic or online



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