How Your Feet Change With Pregnancy

Pregnancy Feet


How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Feet?



What to expect when you are expecting. Research has shown that mums will have increased incidence of back, hip, knee and foot pain during their second and third trimesters, with pain often remaining continual post-partum.


Weight gain and increased hormone levels during pregnancy will affect your feet. Your Camden Podiatrist will explain.


Tired Feet And Legs


Feeling exhausted on your feet and legs is a normal response to pregnancy. It is important to keep your feet and legs well supported. Your centre of gravity and your balance will shift forwards, which places increased load on both muscles and joints. In addition to this, your joints are more flexible due to increased hormone levels (relaxin). We find your body has to work harder to provide and maintain stability to bones and muscles. Many woman will report heel pain, or present with plantar fasciitis because of this. 


Your Sydney Podiatrist suggests wearing good supportive footwear during the later stages of pregnancy.


Swollen Feet And Legs


When pregnant, your body carries twice as much blood. This means your venous system is placed under greater demand. Your blood will pool down the bottom of your body and cause swelling. As stated in the previous point, the hormone relaxin also plays a role in swelling. With increased hormones, the bones, ligaments and tendons shift and expand. This causes your feet to expand – with future mums often having to change shoe sizes. Your Sydney Podiatrist suggests not trying to squeeze your bigger feet into your smaller shoes, as this can results in:



Your Podiatrist also recommends staying out of high heels. A bigger, swollen, more relaxed foot, knee and ankle in those shoes can create problems. There is plenty of time after pregnancy to slip back into those shoes.

Other problems can also present like gestational diabetes, blood clots and pre-eclampsia, therefore its important to have a good team of professionals around you while pregnant. 


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