Do You Need a Referral for Podiatry

Podiatry Referral SydneyDo I Need A Podiatry Referral To See A Podiatrist?

A common question Podiatrists get asked every day in our Sydney Foot Clinic is “Do I need a referral to see a Podiatrist?”.


The easy answer is No.


Whilst many patients attend our Sydney Podiatry clinic every day with referrals, such as:


  • Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC Referral)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA Referral)
  • Workers Compensation Referral
  • Surgical Referral
  • Doctors Referral

You can still attend our Camden Podiatry Clinic privately.


When Do You Need A Podiatry Referral To See A Podiatrist?


As stated in the above point, a referral is not necessary to see a Podiatrist – however, if you qualify for any of the above listed referrers you may have all, or a part of your treatment cost covered.


  • EPC Referrals cover $55.10
  • DVA Referrals cover the cost of treatment with an active gold/white card with necessary conditions listed
  • Workers Compensation cover the cost of approved treatment

How Much Will A Podiatry Appointment Cost?


Most Podiatry clinics are private clinics – meaning the treatment will come at a cost if you do not have one of the referrals in which treatment costs are included. If you have a private health fund, the amount can be claimed on the spot – with you only needing to pay the small gap. You can contact your private health fund prior to treatment to see what your gap payment will be. Your friendly Camden Podiatrist can provide you the item numbers for treatment cost.


So, if you have:

·      Plantar fasciitis

·      Achilles tendonitis

·      Sore heels

·      Dry and cracked skin

·      Shin Splints

·      Ingrown toenails



Or any other foot problem remember you do not need a referral to get them fixed. 



Book in an appointment with your friendly foot doctor today. We can’t wait to see you. 



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