Do You See Podiatrist or Physiotherapist for your foot care (the easy way)?

Should I see a Podiatrist or a Physiotherapist for my foot pain?  

Should you see a Podiatrist or a Physiotherapist for your foot care? Foot pain varies from specific pain and diagnosis to more generalised complaints. Does your foot hurt when you get out of bed in the morning? Do you continually sprain your ankle? Do you have shin splints? 


The reason we develop these problems can often determine the best health professional to see, and if the reason your podiatrist at Reform Podiatry Camden continues to have working relationships with physiotherapists all across Sydney. A good podiatrist will recognise when to include a physiotherapist on to a patient’s treatment plan, and vice versa.


When to see a Podiatrist for your foot problem?


A podiatrist is a medical professional, focused on treating your foot problems, your ankle problems and your leg proplems. These problems can vary – from dermatological complaints, to musculoskeletal complaints. Your Camden podiatrist is qualified to:


  • Perform surgical procedures on ingrown toenails with the use of local anaesthetic – you can read more here 
  • Remove painful lesions, corns and calluses
  • Conduct gait assessments and biomechanical analysis
  • Perform foot joint mobilisations and use dry needles
  • Prescribe and fit custom orthotics
  • Diagnose, prevent and treat lower limb complaints

The answer to the question ‘Podiatrist or Physiotherapist for your foot care?’ is not entirely ‘black and white’. The context to the injury can often dictate who you should see. Whilst qualified and very capable in treating acute ankle sprains, your Camden Podiatrist will refer patients to a physiotherapist for the treatment and management of acute ankle sprains for example. However, if the sprains are recurrent a podiatrist will assess your biomechanics to work out why they continue to happen. To expand further, often acute injuries are best managed with your physiotherapist, however recurrent problems are often best managed by your podiatrist.


Still unsure who to see?


Call Reform Podiatry Camden or enquire on our website regarding your problem and we can make sure you see the person best for you. If you think the podiatrist at Reform Podiatry can help you with your foot care, book in today. 


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