Paediatric Flat Feet

Are flat feet in children normal?

Many young children appear to have a flat foot, or collapsed arch when first standing.

This is not often cause for concern and does not always require paediatric podiatry treatment. In many cases, with growth and development of muscles the arch will begin to form. This process is often finished in children as late as 9 years of age.

When to worry?

It is important as a parent and a paediatric podiatrist to work out when to best treat your child’s flat foot. With children, the problem with flat feet is when there is pain in the foot and lower limb, or their posture is affected.  These flat feet can be:

  1. flexible,
  2. rigid,
  3. painful or
  4. painless.

These factors will determine the need for podiatry assessment.

Podiatrists at Reform Podiatry perform thorough clinical assessments on children to determine the most suitable form of treatment – if any, for your kids.

Treatment for Flat feet

If your child is experiencing pain or activity restrictions because of his flat feet, it might be beneficial to see a paediatric podiatrist. Treatment options can range from monitoring the foot to see how it develops, to exercises to strengthen the foot, to footwear changes or in extreme measures custom orthotics.

Book in an appointment today to further discuss and assess your child.