Are Pronating Feet Bad For You?


No, pronating feet are normal.


Every day, your Camden Podiatrist has people present to the clinic with patients confusing pronation (foot rolling in) with flat feet. Normal amounts of pronation of the foot are completely necessary and safe. It is the bodies way of absorbing shock. If our feet did not pronate, we would find it painful to walk and run. 


Excessive pronation itself can be problematic. Rolling in beyond normal limits can put strain on muscles, tendons and joints. A good diagnostic indicator that your feet may be over pronating is pain in the:



How do you know if you have pronating feet? 

Over pronation is when your arch collapses too much. It is generally more obvious in feet that are flexible. If you look at your feet and see no arch and your heel rolling in, you are probably over pronating. For confirmation, a sports podiatrist can perform a comprehensive biomechanical analysis and tell you if you over pronate. 


What can you do if your feet are pronating too much?

One popular form of treatment in our clinic would be the prescription of a custom foot orthotic for your over pronating foot. Your podiatrist is an expert in the prescription of orthotics for a wide range of conditions. 


You can read more about orthotics here

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