Is fashion worth it? The truth about High Heels

What are High Heels doing to your body?

Women across Australia put their feet in high heeled shoes every single day to go to work. 38 hours per week, plus an hour too and from work every day makes a lot of time for squashed feet. The problem your Camden podiatrist finds with high heeled shoes is that your normal posture is altered. In heels your centre of mass is shifted forward and your calf muscles are shortened causing biomechanical compensation.


Your expert Camden Podiatrist will explain in detail how your feet can change over time in these shoes.




The shape of a high heeled shoe is typically narrow, shallow and pointed. If you spend enough time in a shoe, your foot becomes that shape.


Digital Deformities 


Like hammer toes. Not too dissimilar to bunions, by squashing your feet into a tight shoe your toes begin to claw. This over time can result in muscular imbalances and fixed digital deformities.


Corns and Callus 

Because of the squashed space discussed in the two previous points, your weightbearing pressure areas are altered. The skin’s response to high pressure is to thicken and harden – callus.


Calf and Achilles issues 


Because your heel is higher than your forefoot, your calf muscles are kept in a shortened position. This results in a tightened tendon, which can cause problems like achilles tendonitis.   

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