How to stop corns and callus

One of the most common questions we hear at Reform Podiatry Camden is “Why do these keep coming back?”


We have a simple answer to that. Corns and callus develop because of pressure. When there is excessive pressure in an area, hard skin builds up to protect it. The problem with that is extra hard skin becomes uncomfortable. Long before we wore shoes, our ancestors walked around barefoot. To protect their feet, the skin would harden. In the year 2021 however, we all (most of us) wear shoes.


At Reform Podiatry Camden, we blame the shoes. An example of this would be a lady who wears narrow and shallow high heels for work every day. When the foot is squashed into a shoe and rubbing on the outside. This is added pressure right? Over time the skin gets harder and harder, resulting in a corn or a callus.


How do we stop them?

Well, we need to reduce pressure. Sometimes we change the shoes. Sometimes its by having your Camden Podiatrist treating your foot and removing it.


After an appointment with your highly skilled health professional at our Camden clinic, your feet will brand new.


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