Get your feet summer ready!

We are fast approaching summer. That means high temperatures, days at the beach and
sandals or thongs. But what do you do about your feet? How do you fix your cracked heels
in time? How do you cover your nails without causing a fungal nail infection? Listed below,
your Sydney podiatrist will outline the best way to get your feet summer ready.
How to fix your cracked heels?
There are many things you can do both in and out of the clinic that will help. These include:

Heel Balm For Your Feet
We recommend a quality foot cream applied regularly to help keep the skin hydrated. We
have found creams with Urea to be most effective in keeping your skin soft, hydrated and
crack free. If you have trouble finding a suitable cream, we stock a range of creams for
purchase here at Reform Podiatry Camden. Enquire here and we can arrange a bottle.

Pumice Stone On Your Feet
Or something similar to exfoliate the skin routinely. Through removing the dead skin cells,
you reduce the chances of it developing into painful callus – which eventually crack.

Reform Podiatry For Your Feet

A Podiatrist isn’t always necessary for your cracked heels, especially if you follow the above
two steps regularly. However, sometimes the cracks are too deep or too sore for you be to
be able to treat them yourself. If this is you, come see your friendly podiatrist at Reform
Podiatry Camden. He will carefully debride the thick hard skin, smooth the surrounding area
and have your feet comfortable and presentable for summer. Many things can cause or
contribute to cracked heels. Sometimes a professional consultation can help identify the
cause and best way to manage it moving forward.

Nail Care
We know that nail polish can cause nail fungus. We also know how difficult it is to treat
when you end up with a fungal nail infection. What if we could offer you a nail polish with
natural anti-fungal properties with a blend of vitamins to allow your nails to continually
grow healthily, tackling issues like discolouration, dryness and fungus that are associated
with normal nail polishes. We stock a wide range of colours, enquire within and we can
arrange a bottle for you to try. 

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