Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal Nail Infections

20% of the population are likely to be infected by a fungal infection throughout their lifetime.

A Common, stubborn form of infection to the toe nail often resulting in permanent deformity to the nail, with literature reporting up to a 10% infection rate to the general population. There are greater rates of incidence in the diabetic or immunocompromised population.

The progressive nature of fungal nail infections will often see the nail become thick, powdery, chalky and crumble away from the nail bed. Given there are multiple forms of fungus which may invade and infect the nail bed, an inspection with your Podiatrist in Camden will be beneficial to identify the correct pathogen and most suitable treatment plan to prevent further damage to the nails. It should be known that these conditions do not spontaneously resolve – meaning your nails will not get better without expert treatment.

Treatment can include:

  • Improved foot hygiene
  • Use of anti fungal solutions
  • Systemic treatment through oral medication
  • Routine podiatry care

If you believe you might have a fungal nail infection, book an appointment with your expert foot doctor in Camden to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your infection.


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