Adult Acquired Flat Foot – Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction

Have you got a flat foot? At Reform Podiatry Camden our Podiatrist is highly skilled in the early detection, assessment
and treatment of complex foot conditions. Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction – or adult acquired flat foot,  is one of these if not treated early enough. This condition can often post a serious clinical concern – as tendon degeneration starts well before clinical presentation. Symptoms present with pain
on the inside of your ankle – typically just in behind the bone (medial malleolus). When the
tendon begins to weaken, the arch of your foot will continue to drop lower and lower, as
the tibialis posterior no longer has the strength to hold up the bone it inserts on to. As the
tendon health deteriorates, the ability to control the joint diminishes resulting in a “flat
foot”. This makes tasks such as walking very difficult and painful.

What Causes Adult Flat Foot?

The primary factor involved in this condition is overuse. The tendon can be overloaded

– Incorrect foot wear
– Overpronation
– Increased body weight
– Over training

Other risk factors include:
– Previous trauma
– Diabetes
– Hypermobility or ligamentous laxity
– Steroid therapy
– Age

With a comprehensive biomechanical assessment, your skilled Camden podiatrist can
identify the mechanism of injury and begin to rehabilitate and treat you. Treatment is
varied, and will depend on the grading of injury. Common options include:

– Immobilisation through a CAM Walker
– Footwear change
– Custom Foot Orthotic
– Ankle brace
– Rehabilitation program
– Surgery

Don’t wait for something to break, book an appointment now with your expert podiatrist to
have your flat foot assessed, diagnosed at treated.