Can Dry Needling Fix Me?

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What Is Dry Needling?


Dry Needling (trigger point needling) is a modern form of soft tissue treatment. Trigger point needling is focused on helping reduce muscular pain. Filliform needles – which are thin, short needles (like acupuncture needles) are placed in trigger points. These trigger points are “knotted” and “hard” areas of muscle.


Needling is performed to assist with pain management, release knots and assist with improving joint range of motion. Needling, used concurrently with other manual muscle therapies, orthotics or rehab based exercises are highly effective in relieving tendomuscular complaints.


What Does Trigger Point Needling Treat?

Your expert podiatrist uses dry needling to treat a myriad of complaints, including:



When should you use Dry Needling?

Dry Needling can be used to:

  • Release trigger points or muscle knots
  • To assist with pain management
  • To help increase joint range of motion

The staff at Reform Podiatry Camden use this form of treatment as part of a treatment plan.


Can Trigger Point Needling fix Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, trigger point needling has been found to be effective on the treatment of plantar fasciitis. A recent study found an average pain score of 6.7/10 had improved to a 2.8/10 after just 6 sessions of trigger point needling across the treatment group. 

If you need help, book  in an appointment at Reform Podiatry Camden.  

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