Down Syndrome and the feet

Down Syndrome feet

At Reform Podiatry Camden, we see a diverse range of patients. Through NDIS, we often see people with Down Syndrome for their feet. Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder, where people are born with an extra chromosome. As a consequence, people with Down Syndrome often require specialised foot care. The podiatrist at Reform Podiatry suggests that all people with Down Syndrome young and old should have their lower limb biomechanics assessed, to ensure they are best treated and comfortable.

How are the feet impacted by Down Syndrome?

Flexible flat feet with low muscle tone can make people with Down Syndrome a falls risk. Often their unique biomechanics will cause the development of physiological changes, compensatory mechanisms or pain. Some of the foot, knee and ankle complaints your expert foot doctor sees includes:

What can be done for the feet with Down Syndrome?

A number of things can be done for patients with Down Syndrome.

Treatment options include:

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