Do YOU Have A Bunion?

Bunions are one of the more common foot disorders we see at Reform Podiatry Camden. If possible, we focus on early intervention to stop the early development of bunions in our patients. If the bunion has progressed, don’t worry! There are plenty of treatment options available.


What is a Bunion?

A bunion is characterised by the bony formation at the big toe as well as the angular change of the digit. The lump is a combination of fluid and bone that largens over time. The joint gets harder over time making movement increasingly painful. This means simple tasks such as walking, running and wearing shoes can become painful. A Bunion deformity can affect balance, cause permanent pain and make choosing a pair of shoes to wear or buy very difficult.

Who gets Bunions?

Many factors place you at greater risk of developing a bunion. These include family history, flat feet and the use of ill fitting footwear such as high heels.


The best form of treatment for a bunion is early treatment. If you think you may be developing a bunion, or want the toe assessed to help determine the risk, book in to see your friendly Camden Podiatrist today. Once the deformity has progressed there is no way to reduce the lump size without surgery.


Your expert podiatrist at Reform Podiatry Camden will use your social history, family history and biomechanical presentation to help determine your risk of developing a bunion. Treatment is case dependant. To see how we can help, book in an appointment today.


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