Diabetes And A Diabetic Foot Check

How does diabetes affect your feet and body?


Diabetes affects the body’s ability to absorb glucose (sugar) from your blood. This means the tissue cells that require it for energy don’t receive it. As a consequence, higher amounts of glucose remain in the blood stream. This becomes toxic, affecting the nervous and circulatory system.


In layman’s terms – diabetes can impact your ability to feel light touch (protective sensation), it can impact the ability of your immune system to fight illness and affect your bodies blood circulation.  With less blood to your feet, less feeling to your feet and a lowered immune system – you need someone looking out for them. That’s why your Sydney foot doctor at Reform Podiatry Camden advises regular foot checks every 2-3 months.


What is done in a diabetic foot check?


Your Diabetic foot check appointment involves: Nerve assessment, blood flow check, dermatological check, foot function assessment.


Diabetic foot tips


  1. Wash your feet thoroughly – being sure to always wash and dry between the toes.
  2. Dry your feet thoroughly – use this time to look for any cuts, spots, swelling or changes. Never use a hair dryer to dry your feet. If you have reduced protective sensation, you may not know you are doing damage to the feet.
  3. Make sure your shoes fit well. Tight shoes can cause rubbing and a skin breakdown which can become an entry point for infection.
  4. Don’t walk around barefoot – even at home, try and use a sock to create a protective barrier between your feet and the ground.
  5. See your expert Sydney foot doctor and Reform Podiatry Camden regularly. This is proven in reducing the risk of diabetic related amputation
  6. Regularly apply moisturiser to the bottoms of your feet
  7. Don’t use corn pads to remove corns.
  8. If in doubt, have a podiatrist check it out

Don’t risk your health, have the right people on your team – and book in for a diabetic assessment

Another great resource is the Diabetes Australia website


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