Corns On Your Feet?

Do you have a painful corn on your foot?


Have you tried corn pads from the chemist, and still have a sore foot?


Book an appointment with your expert Foot Doctor at Reform Podiatry Camden today.

Corns (Heloma Dura’s) develop when the skin thickens due to mechanical stress on the high pressure areas on your feet.  Corns present as a rough, discoloured patch of skin that can be either raised or rounded. Corns are typically small in size, however they can be extremely painful and stop you from performing day-to-day activities.  


How can you remove a corn?


Your Podiatrist at Reform Podiatry Camden is an expert at painlessly removing these lesions. To best treat and prevent a corn – your foot doctor will help identify the likely reason for its development. As earlier stated, corns will develop due to both mechanical stress and high pressure. It is essential that your biomechanics are assessed to see if the way that you walk is contributing to the increased pressure. Similarly, footwear must be reviewed to see if they incorrectly fit your feet – ultimately reducing pressure.





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