Burning, Numb Feet?

Painful feet, worse when wearing shoes. Numbness? Burning? You might have a Morton’s Neuroma. 

Learn a bit more about this painful condition your Camden podiatrist see’s all too often.

A Morton’s Neuroma is characterised by the thickening of the tissue that surrounds the digital nerves of the foot. It is a benign growth that can result in:

  • inflammation
  • swelling
  • pain or numbness in the space between the toes


These symptoms will slowly progress over a period of time if left untreated, often making it difficult to wear shoes. Medial and lateral compression of the foot – like when wearing shoes will cause an increase in symptoms.


Who gets Moreton’s Neuromas?

Morton’s Neuroma impacts more women than men. Your expert Camden foot doctor theorises this is due to footwear choices. Narrow and shallow shoes are a big risk factor.

How do you treat Moreton’s Neuromas? 

Treatment of Morton’s Neuromas is dependent on the size of the mass. Your Camden Podiatrist states early diagnosis and intervention is necessary to provide you the best possible treatment outcomes. In extreme cases, Neuromas have to be surgically cut out.

An early diagnosis and understanding of the issues contributing to the neuroma is essential.

A podiatrist can offload the uncomfortable area. This keeps the bones off of the neuroma, preventing it from becoming bigger. Footwear assessment and review is next. Female patients who are expected to wear “fashion” shoes in the workplace will not get better without changes. Narrow and shallow shoes will cause the neuroma to enlarge. A footwear review appointment with your Camden podiatrist will determine which shoes are unsuitable for you.

Another form of non-invasive treatment includes a custom orthotic, which will address biomechanical abnormalities or functional issues causing the painful symptoms. Successful neuroma treatment is driven by early diagnosis and treatment. Your local foot doctor plays an essential role in this.

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