What is Tinea?

What is Tinea?


20% of the population are likely to be infected by a fungal infection throughout their lifetime.

A very prevalent form of a fungal foot infection, effecting up to 25% of the Athletic population. Often transferred from subject to subject through communal settings such as showers, pools. These fungus types are very well adapted to life on the human host, making them very difficult to treat and remove. It is often initially identified in the space between your toes (interdigital area) before spreading to the bottom of your foot (plantar aspect). Given it is often first found in the interdigital area, it may have lived and multiplied on your body for an extended period of time before you notice it visibly obvious on the rest of your foot – meaning routine foot checks with your podiatrist in Camden are beneficial in keeping these problems at bay.

What Are Symptoms of Tinea?

Symptoms include:

  • Splitting of the skin
  • Itching sensation
  • Burning sensation
  • Red inflamed skin
  • Scaly lesion
  • Blistering

How Do You Treat Tinea?

Treatment options include:

  • Identifying the source of infection
  • Addressing risk factors associated with infection
  • Use of anti fungal solutions
  • Systemic treatment through oral medication
  • Improve hygiene
  • Clean shower

If you believe you might have tinea, book an appointment with your Podiatrist in Camden to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your infection.

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