Another Form Of Heel Pain – Achilles Tendonitis




Heel pain

Achilles Tendonitis is a common cause of posterior heel pain that our podiatrist in Camden
treats. What is the Achilles Tendon you ask? The Achilles Tendon or the ‘heel cord’, is a
tendon that attaches your calf muscle to your heel bone.
Achilles Tendonitis is the painful inflammation of the ‘heel cord’ due to microtears within
the structure often due to poor conditioning.

What are the symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis?
– Painful heels exacerbated by Physical Activity and often relieved with rest
– Hot/swollen heel or tendon
– Nodular thickening of the tendon
– Pain after rest

What causes Achilles Tendonitis?
– Tight calf muscles
– Rapid increase in physical activity volume
– Poor training surfaces – uneven ground
– Poor footwear
– Excessive high heel use
– Flat feet
– High arched feet

What can we do for your Achilles Tendonitis?
Again, like all conditions the treatment of achilles tendonitis is dependent on the catalyst for
pain. Book in for a biomechanical assessment with your Macarthur foot doctor to accurately
determine the best treatment option for you. Different options include:
– Rest
– Stretching
– Pain control
– Strapping
– Icing
– Adjusted training program
– Heel raise
– Custom orthotic therapy
– Footwear change
– Dry Needling

If you believe your foot pain is similar, book an appointment with your expert Podiatrist in
Camden to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your heel pain.