Ankle Sprains

What is an Ankle Sprain?
A sprained ankle is the stretching or tearing of the ligaments supporting the bones of the
foot and the ankle due to an injury. We sprain the ligaments on the outside of our ankle far
easier than the ligaments on the inside on our ankle. You don’t need your expert Camden
podiatrist to diagnose an ankle sprain, but you may need him to help you treat and
rehabilitate your ankle sprain.

What causes an Ankle Sprain?
There are a number of acute events that can contribute to an ankle sprain. Running on
uneven ground, tripping and sporting injuries. Similarly, there are a number of factors that
can contribute to ongoing ankle sprains, including:

– Poor rehabilitation from a previous injury
– Unsuitable footwear
– Muscular imbalance
– Overtraining
– Poor gait
– Poor foot mechanics

A biomechanical assessment with your podiatrist will identify any mechanism resulting in
continual sprains, and mitigate the risk of them continually happening.

Ankle Sprain Grading…
Ankle sprains are also graded, with the grading of injury dictating the prognosis and
treatment plan within and beyond the clinic. The classification of ankle sprains are:

– Grade One: Mild pain and swelling. The ligaments have been stretched, but not torn.
– Grade Two: Increased swelling and pain. Often associated with bruising. Difficulty to
place weight on the ankle. Partial tearing of the ligaments. We recommend a consult
with your foot doctor.
– Grade Three: Complete tear of the ligaments. Severe pain and swelling. A greater
chance of recurrent ankle sprains due to ongoing instability. We recommend a visit
with your foot doctor.

How do you treat an Ankle Sprain?
If you think the injury is severe, we recommend a visit with your podiatrist. However, for the
interim rest, apply ice and take something to manage the pain if necessary. You can not ‘out
work’ an ankle sprain, don’t push through because its likely you will cause greater damage.

Once the injury has been assessed and diagnosed, we can begin to formulate a treatment
and rehabilitation plan specific for you.